Master Clash of Clans With Less Known Tips and Tricks

Tip one: Your Targets Need To Be Picked Wisely

If you are at a higher level in Clash of Clans and choose to go after the weaker enemies than we must tell you this is not a good strategy. This does not create excellent resources and points earned report so it will take you longer to get to the next level. If your primary goal is to keep your resources stock high, then you should use goblins instead of a full army when you go after your enemy. In case a loss takes place, you would still have the resources. This is a great tip to follow when you are not sure how the games session is going to work.

Tip two: Take Care Of Your Gems

If you have set up a goal to build huts, then you should make sure that your gems are well taken care of because besides the fact that they bring more points they have other usage variants too. Make sure that your gems are spent wisely and that you use missions to your advantage so you will get as many as possible. If you keep a gem budget than your progress will be faster. Leveling up without proper protection is not a good idea so you should better build stronger huts.

Tip three: Make Your Army As Strong As Possible

Before you get into a war, you usually have an entire day ahead. You should use this time to your advantage before going into a war. While waiting, you can upgrade your air defense, get to know the battlefield and arrange your army. You should choose land battlefields if your walls are low level. Alongside with that, before launching an attack, make sure that you pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths of your target group too.

Tip four: Unprotected Villages Should Be Your Target

No start will be found on the unprotected villages. If you attack this kind of villages, then you also gain more points and speed up your development. However, do not forget that your weaker clans are exposed to stiffer battles when you go after tough opponents and do not lose. The advantage of going after a weaker opponent is that it makes it difficult for your allies to get into a war with tougher opponents.

Tip five: Shielding Is Important

We know that your favorite activity in the game is to go after your enemies but so do they. In case you end up with your whole town destroyed, or your Town Hall crumbled, you will have twelve precious hours, time in which you should choose what you re doing next. We are recommending that you build your army, upgrade your towers and spend all your gems before getting into the next attack.

Tip six: Attacking And Defending should be done in the same amount

Your goal as village chief in Clash of Clans is to attack your enemies while, at the same time, make sure that your town is well defended. If you do not want to get into fights, at least keep in mind that you need to have your village defended. To do so, you should upgrade your air defense, town hall, and walls. If you want to play the offensive part, then upgrades should be done to your archers, mortars, and cannons numbers. Having higher points on your town halls do not bring you too much point when you attack weaker enemies. In order to level up, you should make sure that the players you attack have the same town hall level as you.

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