SHAREit is the Best App You Can Use to Share Files and Here is Why

Data Transfer Speed

The speed with which this app share file is impressive. Besides that, it is also very reliable. It can get 40 times faster than Bluetooth and even Wi-Fi even though it is just a small app. The size of the file transferred does not matter because it would still be having fast speeds.

Data transferring is secured

Every time we use modern technology we are worried that our data security will be violated and that information will be leaked. It is not the case with the SHAREit app. Many people have reported loss of data due to security breach or theft which happened during the process of sharing files.

Fortunately, every kind of data that this app receives gets encrypted while you share your files. The process includes the data being broken down into numerous pieces, similar to P2P websites, every time a file is shared between devices. This strategy is also identical to what torrent sites use too.

You can share files with multiple devices

Many file sharing apps use a Web interface to do their job. Contrary to them SHAREit does that via a native hotspot. In order to do that you need to activate the Group Share feature that is not hard to find inside the app and wait until each of the devices mentioned connect as well. Make sure that the SHAREit app has been installed into those devices as well.

As you saw, there are multiple reasons why this app is great, and it is also popular which means that you can confidently use it for transferring files especially due to its data security. You will no longer be afraid of getting your data stolen. It’s safe now!

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