Should We Disable Avast for Good?

Avast is an antivirus that is really used all over the globe. However, in some cases this happens because it comes preinstalled on your computer or perhaps some other program you wish to install adds it as a bonus on your PC or laptop. Regardless of the scenario, the fact remains that you might want to get rid of it completely.

We aren’t saying that Avast is a terrible antivirus, not at all; it’s just that it isn’t enough to protect your data, not anymore. Also, there are cases where it caused some troubles as well. As a first antivirus, it’s really great. That’s because it is basic and it will keep you safe from minor attacks. However, those that have spent some time on the internet might have already found out that it isn’t much it can do to protect your computer.

You should be looking to add another layer of protection and this brings us to the next problem it causes. Avast won’t let you add another antivirus or even a WAF. This can happen only if you disable Avast and this would be an inspired decision which might allow you to get a better antivirus as soon as possible.

The bad rep of Avast is mainly caused by its ‘ability’ of blocking websites, even those that are your favorites. Even if you can access your go-to website right now, chances are that if you keep using this antivirus, then that website’s time is running out and it will eventually be labeled as a threat.

Last but definitely not least, Avast shares your data. Of course, you can turn this ‘feature’ off, but the process of doing so can be a hassle. That is why you might want to get rid of it and save some time as well.

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