Vulkan’s 1.1 Update for Run Time Libraries is now Available

Geeks and computer gamers are probably really anxious as they wait for the latest upgrade for Vulkan ever since the announcement of its launch was made. Well, the good news is that the wait is finally over. Those that don’t really know what Vulkan is, keep on reading.

Basically, Vulkan is an API running on multiple platforms, being designed for developing 3D graphics. Hope this makes it clearer as to why engineers and gamers have developed a real passion for this particular tool. If not, then please let us spell it out for you. They love it because it allows them to have things like 3D graphics of real high quality.

What is special about Vulkan is that this program doesn’t put you through a hassle. In fact, it is quite simple to work on your computer but it does so in a unique way. That is because of its way of managing the cores of your computer so that the graphics you are seeing will be drastically improved in terms of quality.

Also, another unique feat which Vulkan boasts is its capability of focusing the work on the GPU, instead of overworking the CPU. This accounts for a far more efficient and faster job. We aren’t done with Vulkan’s greatness. As we said, this is an API that is able of working on a lot of platforms.

This is really great since you can come across APIs which work only on the latest Windows version. Well, Vulkan can be run on different versions, starting with Windows 7, on Linux and on Android as well.

If you are still wondering ‘why do a lot of people love this API?’, then the answer would probably be ‘because they know that Vulkan is like a resistance beam that holds those beautiful graphics together’.

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