Xender Is The File Transfer App You Were Searching For

Having a good file transfer app is important, since they ca be used for multiple purposes. However, since there are so many apps available, it is hard to decide which one you should install. Today we will talk about Xender, one of the most promising file transfer apps.

Why choose Xender?

Xender manages to stand out because it offers mind-blowing speed for file transfers. Since file transfer is the only function of this app, Xender does its job well. If you compare the speed of this app with the Bluetooth connection speed you will see that it is 200 times faster.

This application reaches the speed of 20Mbps, which allows you to share files easily. Another advantage for Xender is the fact that you are able to share files between iOS and Android devices, with no problems. The app is available for all users and you can download it for free.

You can use Xender for different files, such as images, documents and videos. Its cross-platform support is definitely helpful and you will be able to share files to all of your friends, even if they use Android phones and you own an iPhone.

PC version

If you enjoyed the fact that Xender is available for both iOS and Android, then you will be happy to hear that it is available on PCs as well. Nonetheless, in order to get it on your computer, you will need a third party app first. You can use Bluestacks, YouWabe or Xender Web in order to download Xender on your PC.

Once you get the emulator you need to make sure that you also have 2GB RAM available. If you want to make sure that you won’t have to deal with lagging it is recommended that you use a  high graphics card.

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