Clash of Clans TH8 Attacking Guide – How to be the Best in GoWipe

As you have seen, the strategy for the TH8 that we will talk about is called GoWipe. This army consists of wizards, golems, and PEKKAs. In addition to that, you also have a hog rider, some archers and wall breakers.

From where do you attack the best?

In order for you to get a better look at the strategy, we will be discussed based on an example base design. Down below you can see the Town Hall 8 base layout that will be used for the exemplification of the tactics.

At a quick look, you can see that the wall of the base are not completely max, which means that your troops will not find any difficulty when they are trying to bust open and get to the core of the base. Even though the air defense is max, our attack will still be powerful. However, our enemies will be the wizard towers and the maxed cannons, but we will not let them win.

As a basic rule you will need to take in consideration where your clan castle kill will take place as we will need to attack near that location. After killing the clan castle troops, you will still have some troops of your own remaining that should be protected. It is best to attack from the side of building in the corner as your clan castle kill might be there.

The other tip in this category is to make sure the big-holed in the base are attacked. Those holes are predicted to hold giant bomb which might hit on your army and only bring you loss. It is better to hit your golems from the beginning rather than destroying a group of wizards afterward.

The Clan Castle Kill

We will begin this attack with the clan castle in the main focus. The best tip in this category is to kill the clan castle troops as early as possible so you will not get distracted or damaged from them later when your attention will be necessary for multiple places.

Your hog rider is available, so the best you can do with it is to play him at the point that takes him as close as possible to the clan castle. Before the hog dies, you will have a warranty that all the clan castle troops are lured. Do not forget that 25 housing space of troops ought to come out.

Until a troop is played, the clan castle troops will stay where you placed them after the hog is no longer a weapon. Now for the building in the corners, you need to place a solitary archer on each of them so your troops will not get shot.

Your wizards should be dropped after the troops reach your kill zone. It is the best to position them in a circle so other wizards or dragons will not one-shot the entire group. What should also be a great tactic is to throw in your slowing and damage poison spells.

It’s time for the golems to be dropped

As the clan castle troops are no longer standing, the GoWipe main attack should start. In order to soak up all the damage, you should play your golems in front. Space them apart as great as possible so they will become the target of the defenses and not your beloved wizards.

Your attack will be based on how you use your golems so make sure they are alive. The damage done by wizard towers, mortars, and bombs will be limited by the spreading of your golems.

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