Fortnite 6.02 Update Brings the new Quadruple Launcher and Disco Domination New Game Mod

The Fortnite 6.02 update didn’t bring anything particularly new, but it could end up with a significant upgrade. Epic Games introduced the Quadruple Launcher this Wednesday and added yet another explosive weapon to the game, the Noble Launcher for the Save the World mode. Fans aren’t overly fond of explosives, and it could be said that the Quadruple Launcher will set off the alarms of the most skeptical gamers.

The developer has also kept their promise to release a new game mode that will be available for a reduced amount of time. Disco Domination will allow players to exploit to the maximum the dance skills of the protagonists. It could be tested more than a week ago and is now available to all players.

Among the most important new features, it is the return of the Port-a-Fortress after it was quickly eliminated before the sixth season, specifically on September 28th. The loot item only lasted about ten days when it was initially added to the arsenal, so some players will probably expect a slightly more extended trial period on this occasion.

Fortnite 6.02 update brings the Quadruple Launcher

Apart from the mentioned additions, the update doesn’t bring many changes to the game. The developers have adjusted the levels of several loot zones, but no object has received a drastic change that could alter the game too much. Overall, the 6.02 update doesn’t contain many surprises.

However, Epic Games added the Quadruple Launcher, a weapon that can unbalance the game. The explosives haven’t been very well received by the community recently, and many of them talk about the dominant power of this type of weapon. With another rocket launcher, it would be difficult for players to overcome their enemies who use such a gun.

In addition to the before-mentioned add-ons, Fortnite 6.02 Update also came out with some bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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