How Can You Grow Your Business using WhatsApp?

There is a marketing tool for a business that is becoming more and more powerful. That new tool is an instant messaging app, WhatsApp.

Using the Jewish Content Network, you could place sponsored posts on famous WhatsApp groups. This has been up for quite a while now.

However, WhatsApp decided recently to launch a separate business API as well. The API allows companies to have their own broadcast channels where individual subscribers receive dedicated messages. Before this came into the plan, you could do that only for about 250 members in a group. Now the new platforms offer you de advantage to have as many subscribers as you want who will receive messages from you beginning with the first message you receive from them.

That being said, WhatsApp has also been working on a widget which got released earlier and enables users to send you a quick pre-written message using the app. The advantage is that it does not matter whether you have them saved as a contact or not.

There is a wide range of possibilities that this app offers you. WhatsApp is more convenient for many users that are not used to clicking a link to bring up a dialer or send an email. With this app, they can simply tap on a button that will help them initiate the WhatsApp conversation without giving them too much of a headache.

If you have what you want in link form, then it all starts from there. You can quickly broadcast it in several ways. You can do that in a WhatsApp message which asks people to promote or forward for you, using the contact area of your site, using Instatories and even email blasts.

WhatsApp is no longer just an instant messaging app. Take advantage of it!

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