SHAREit and Xender – Best Apps for Transferring your Files on your PC

Nowadays our lives have a lot of devices. Not too long ago, we only had our PCs but tablets, smartphones and laptops emerged. Our lives are indeed made easier with their help and things like file transferring and sharing became a thing of routine. That is why there are apps like SHAREit and Xender which look to be used by you.

Before you install any app, you should look to see if it is compatible with your device. Doing this will save you time and find a more compatible app sooner. Both of these apps work if your devices are capable of working with Wi-Fi and these days, it represents little concern.

Xender and SHAREit are file transfer and sharing apps. Despite the fact that they resemble each other in what they do, they come with different functions and features. You can transfer files from PC to PC, from phone to phone or between PCs and phones. Xender doesn’t support transferring files between PCs.

They both claim to work fast and that is why they are preferred over Bluetooth. The true test, however, would depend on many factors which might make them to fall short on their claims despite the fact that they are good with file transfers.

Both of them support a range of file formats but Xender wins this one as it can support more, including DOC, APK and EPUB. SHAREit and Xender as well are capable of supporting multiple device sharing or sharing multiple file types. Xender, however, can only send multiple files one at the time, while SHAREit can send a whole folder.

Another difference is that SHAREit needs to be installed across devices, your phone and PC, while Xender is a mobile-only app with an interface for your PC. It may seem that SHAREit wins the duel but you can save some time with the installation process with Xender.

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