The Elder Scrolls VI and Why Bethesda Commits to Single-player Experiences

We all know that one of the biggest franchises out there, the Elder Scrolls series is commonly seen as having a good narrative, depth and replayability. The Elder Scrolls Online is definitely a great option for the fans of this popular video game that want to have constant content, but the main attractions of the series are clearly the open-world games like Oblivion and Skyrim, which most players are interested in.

What should we expect for now

For now, the fans of the Elder Scrolls series must have a little bit more patience regarding the next title, since this was Bethesda’s advice. This might be quite hard to accomplish for those who cannot wait to see what the new game will be like. Let’s not forget about Skyrim, which was released seven years ago and which after such a long time is beginning to show its age. One of the reasons why fans are enthusiastic about the new installment in the series of games is because of the essential single-player experiences.

Bethesda wants to have the best single player game out there

Since there are more and more multiplayer titles produced these days, as well as worlds that offer only an online experience to the players, the Elder Scrolls VI will definitely stick out as a noticeably single-player experience. We all know about Bethesda’s commitment to creating the best single-player games and it is clear by now that the Elder Scroll series are seen as one of those titles. Now the question is when will the developer decide to release a new title for its fans. Since Skyrim was a big success for Bethesda, it is obvious that a new Elder Scrolls mainline game would also bring a lot of profit to the company. One thing is certain, fans of this developer have many things to look forward to this autumn when it comes to the releases of games, if we also think about Fallout 76.

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