Vulkan 1.1 Update – Most Appreciated 3D Graphics Platform

More and more game developers are giving credit to Vulkan, a 3D graphics cross-platform which can easily become one of the most appreciated from the industry. Currently, Vulkan is mostly used by indie and AAA experts, but it can soon become all developers’ favorite.

Why is it so popular? The answer is simple. Previous editions had support for many drivers. Five major actors from the gaming industry could benefit from them: NVIDIA, Qualcomm, AMD, Intel and ARM.

Since technology is evolving fast, every good thing can be improved nowadays. This is the case with Vulkan as well. This year, on the 7th of March, the platform’s developers, Khronos Group, launched the long-awaited update, Vulkan 1.1.

The new version comes with interesting news

Nothing’s perfect, so Vulkan had to be improved as well. In this idea, developers added some features which they thought to be necessary and expanded some core functionalities. Now, it is possible to perform subgroup operations that require a number of plug-ins estimated from the initial edition.

We are talking about the following extensions: VK KHR Multiview, Device group, Multiview and Maintenance 3. Also, Vulkan divides tasks between several subgroups united on a single computer unit. As a result, work is done faster and results are better.

Since it was released, Vulkan 1.1 had some updates of its own. Now, bugs are fixed and the API is enriched with other useful extensions. Furthermore, the post 1.1 updates enable the paring between different drivers, like those from Windows and Linux.

All these improvements open new paths for graphic developers. They will be able to make wonders in the world of API. You can find out more about Vulkan 1.1 if you look for more information. Once you read the full list of extensions and bugs fixed, you will see that we really mean it.

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