What are the Most Revolutionary Trends in the Video Game Industry in 2018?

Gamers are in for some exciting new trends in 2018. Fortnite started a trickle-down effect and Pokemon GO! is still popular, in other words, gamers have a lot to expect. Best of all, companies seem to have finally began to answer the cries of furies, gratitude and impatience of customers. Without further ado, here is some good news:

  1. First, let’s talk about Esports. Watching college football will become a thing of the past, instead more and more people will watch League of Legends and so on. The Esports industry observed a huge growth that is still expected to continue, by 38% from 2017 to 2018 alone.
  2. The immense popularity of Fortnite might have really opened the doors for more battle royale games. What is not to like? You have to battle hundreds of player while the battleground shrinks.
  3. Pay-to-wins will begin to succumb since there’s nothing more infuriating for a gamer with talent than to lose to another one who just paid for better chances. Because of a lot of complaints, it seems that developers began to shy away from this trend.
  4. Minecraft is still going strong. From 2017, more than 20 million new players joined the game, reaching 75 million, more than the population of Italy, France or the UK.
  5. Companies seem to abandon the idea of updating their consoles on seven-year cycles. Because of the continuous advancements in software and technology, they would start producing models more often and with incremental changes as well.
  6. Augmented reality will become… reality. After the success of Pokemon GO, there are a lot of companies that jumped in on the hype, augmented reality being more accessible than VR.
  7. A lot of people are on the move and they would like to play as they travel. Naturally, carrying your console or PC around isn’t likely to happen and that is exactly why more companies will invest in mobile-cross platforms.

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