Diablo III Eternal Collection Might Not Come Out With Cross-Platform Play, Blizzard Said

While earlier this week Business Insider reported that Blizzard announced them that cross-platform play in Diablo III is under development, yesterday, the company stated its devs ruled out the idea of adding cross-platform play to Diablo III.

Initially, Business Insider said that Blizzard is already in talks with Sony and Microsoft for making their Diablo III Eternal Collection versions compatible with the variant for Nintendo Switch. Yesterday, however, a Blizzard representative contacted DualShockers to reveal that cross-platform play was ruled out for the moment.

“While we love the idea of bringing our players together across platforms, we do not have any plans to implement cross-platform gameplay for Diablo at this time,” the Blizzard Entertainment spokesperson reported for DualShockers.

Diablo III Eternal Collection would come out to Nintendo Switch on November 2nd, 2018, for all regions. It would cost $59.99 for US and Canada. However, as reported by Blizzard, the upcoming title of the popular franchise won’t boast cross-platform play.

Diablo Gamers Community Demanded Cross-Platform Play For Diablo III

Since many variants of Diablo III appeared over the time, the Diablo gamers community demanded cross-platform play for Diablo III Eternal Collection. In reality, cross-play is an increasingly more popular feature, and video games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Rocket League, to mention a few, pleased their fans with such a functionality.

However, Blizzard promised to explore the cross-play addition to Diablo III, but, unfortunately, according to the Blizzard’s most recent statements, the company ruled out the idea of implementing cross-platform play into Diable III Eternal Collection, at least for the moment. So, the company indicates that this feature can get in the game later after launch.

As cross-play is a popular feature nowadays, we hope Blizzard would change its mind eventually and add cross-platform play to Diable III Eternal Collection which is set to come out on November 2nd on Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Lame. Developers should be looking into crossplay with the new gen. Fortnite and other battle royale games that have it seem to be prospering.

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