Upcoming Samsung Foldable Phone Would Open Up As A Tablet

DJ Koh, the CEO of mobile business at the South Korean tech giant, reported in an interview on CNET that the upcoming Samsung foldable phone would have dual functionality. According to him, the so-called Galaxy F would be a smartphone that can open up as a tablet, so that owners can use it as they want.

Samsung has been working on a foldable phone since 2013. Even more, during CES 2013, the Senior VP of Samsung’s display department, Brian Berkeley, presented a prototype of a folding screen, a super slim OLED display called Youm. Back then, the prototype was bending instead of folding.

However, as DJ Koh pointed out, since 2013, Samsung made many achievements in this direction, and now the Galaxy F foldable phone is just around the corner. Also, according to DJ Koh, the upcoming Samsung foldable phone would open up as a tablet.

Samsung Foldable Phone Is Not The Only Such Project

While Samsung, via DJ Koh, reported on their achievement in the folding screen smartphone field, they are the only company working on such a project. Also, Huawei and LG are struggling to come up with their own foldable smartphones, and both companies are the fiercest competitor to Samsung in this regard.

Besides, Lenovo already presented its bendable phone concept, while Apple filed a patent for “Electronic Devices With Flexible Displays” a few years ago.

On the other hand, even though Samsung would want to be the first to launch a foldable phone, DJ Koh said on CNET that “if the user experience is not up to my standard, I don’t want to deliver those kinds of products.” Accordingly, the South Korean tech giant is not willing to sacrifice quality for just being the first in a new market.

Despite all that, some rumors hinted to the next month’s Samsung Developer Conference as the event during which the Samsung foldable phone would be revealed.

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