Apple Released New Tutorial Videos on YouTube To Present the New Apple Watch Series 4

Apple wants everyone to know the new Apple Watch Series 4 better and the features they boast. To achieve that, Apple has released new tutorial videos on Apple Watch Series 4 on YouTube.

Apple shows us how to use the training app and the SOS function on the new Apple Watch Series 4

On this occasion, Apple shows us the benefits of the training application, which gains better quality and freshness on the screen of the new Apple Watch Series 4. Apple also revealed how to use the emergency SOS mode, which has saved so many lives to date to users of all ages, according to the Cupertino-based company.

In this first video, the giant tech company talks about the training app. It reviews the application, from the moment we start training around the clock. It highlights how to start a workout with just a few taps on the Apple Watch Series 4 screen. Later, they present a live training session, and it shows us how we should keep track of our progress at all times. After finishing the exercise, it shows us the summary of the workout session.

Secondly, Apple shows us how to activate the SOS function on our devices. In the video, we can see that by holding down the side button of the new Apple Watch Series 4 and selecting the option of emergency calls, the device would make the appropriate action. Apple also shows us how we can access medical information if healthcare providers require more data about us.

Apple released new tutorial videos on YouTube to present the new Apple Watch Series 4

Apple does not leave any loose ends with the new devices, intended for exercise and health. However, the actions performed in the newly released tutorial videos can also be conducted on models launched before Apple Watch Series 4, only that, in the new devices, the functions are improved and more stable.

In other news, since they launched, the new Apple Watch Series 4 has had a delivery problem, with delays of up to 30 days. The company has provided a solution to this small stock shortage by contracting the services of another factory.

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