Google Camera Won’t Allow One Missed Moment

Those of you that really do not like to lose a chance to make a permanent memory or who think way too often ‘wish I had a camera with me’ would really like this app. Google Camera is the latest version of Google Camera and it will allow you to immortalize fantastic photos through using neat features, such as Smartburst or HDR+.

Since we mentioned them, let’s fully explore the subject. Here are the features which will make Google Camera a worthy app for you.

First and foremost, we mentioned HDR+. This function will take photographs to the next level and it will let you take fantastic ones even if you find yourself in an environment with low lighting or in backlit scenes. For sure, this feature will make you happy.

Then, we also mentioned Smartburst and that happened for a reason. You can activate this feature by holding down your phone’s shutter button in order to automatically capture not one, but a stream of photo and it will even allow you to make moving images in the form of GIFs – we think that you have probably heard about them.

Video Stabilization is another cool feature coming with Google Camera and it will help you with capturing some exceptionally smooth videos even if your hands don’t seem to stop from shaking. Next we have Photosphere, which, as the name hints, will allow you to make some immersive spherical photos.

You can now add an elegant background blur (bokeh) to close-up pictures through Lens Blur. Last but not least, Slow Motion is an impressive feature which will enable you to capture videos in epic slow motion (some supported devices can go up to 240 fps). Since the latest Google Camera version works on devices with Android 7.1.1 or higher, some features might not be available.

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