Top 5 Mario Games for 2018

As weird as it sounds, but right now, one of the most popular video games is that of a mustachioed Italian plumber, who harbours a strong penchant for jumping over his enemies’ heads. And he isn’t just a popular video game character, but is also one of the most popular characters across the whole wide world! Well, in case you haven’t guessed already, I am talking about our loved and favoured Super Mario or you can also try an escape game.

It’s been more than three decades since Mario first appeared in the classic arcade game `Donkey Krong’ and the rest as we all know is history. Since his very inception, we’ve been swept over by plenty of Mario games that aren’t just mind boggling but are also incredibly fun and interactive. But with so many Mario games round the corner, which one do you think makes the cut? Which one do you think is the best when compared to others? Well, that’s exactly what we will find out in the next couple of sections. Here, you will get to know which Mario games are worth the shot and which are the ones that can be improved and worked upon.

Super Mario World

A list of top Mario games is absolutely incomplete without Super Mario World. Yes. I am talking about the entire franchise of Super Mario games including the 3D games, the spin-offs and every other game you’d want to dig off. These games aren’t just fun but they are incredibly amazing and easy to work with. So download your copy today and enter the world of Mario to be a part of his super adventures’.

Super Mario Advance 4

While this one comes with quite a few tweaks, that aren’t favoured by Mario purists, but the game still makes the cut with its excellent interface and amazing features. Unlike its predecessors, this version of the famous Mario game comes with its very own suit system that lets Mario grab special powers which can then be used for giving him special abilities. The gameplay is excellent and the features will keep you absolutely hooked.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

This is nothing but an expansion pack of the game that masquerades as a sequel to keep you hooked and driven. Galaxy 2 comes with a wide range of comfortable ideas that gives you the pure feeling of achievement. And the Galaxy’s celestial observatory is equally complicit in adding to your fun and keeping you absolutely hooked.

Super Mario Bros

While the Super Mario Bros are nowhere near the original Super Mario series, they’re still pretty good in terms of functionalities and gameplay. The design of the game is brilliantly implemented to teach the basic skills to Mario enthusiasts. So if you’re still pretty new to Mario, this is the game you should try right away.

Super Mario Odyssey

A perfect blend of evolution and homage, Super Mario Odyssey is yet another excellent game from the series that is equally good in scope and gameplay. The features are simple, the interface is amazing and the game alone is a perfect option for Mario enthusiasts who are still looking to try something out-of-the-box.

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