Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 To Launch On October 25th With A Sliding Selfies Camera

It’s already official that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has a release date, and that would be on October 25th. This Chinese smartphone is perhaps one of the most sought-after models of what remains of the year, surely the one that has more capacity to surprise users, who think they have seen everything in 2018.

In the presentation of Mi Mix 3, we will see some surprises, at least according to the promotional poster with which Xiaomi has announced the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 release date. The ad revealed one of the new features of the phone. That is the selfies camera, which like the Oppo Find X will be a sliding camera. That means that it will be hidden behind the screen and will only be displayed when you need it to take a photo.

It is a solution implemented by manufacturers to boast larger display on their smartphone without adopting a notch. It has its difficulties, for sure, even though, for now, in the Oppo the system has not given any problem.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 might boast a Snapdragon 845 processor

The last phone in this series, the Mi Mix 2S, placed the selfies camera in the lower left corner. The result must not have been satisfactory enough, so they continued to explore other alternatives.

Besides the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 release date, which would be October 25th, not much is known about the technical specs of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. It will probably boast a Snapdragon 845 processor since Xiaomi equipped other of its high-end devices with this chipset. However, there are many doubts regarding the display’s size.

Perhaps, to give it an even more excellent touch, the brand might finally decide that it’s time to switch to QHD+ or even OLED panels, although that would significantly increase the price of the phone, which would place it among the high-end smartphones.

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