New Google Maps Update Now Shows Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Earlier this week, Google announced a new Google Maps update that makes it possible to locate electric vehicle charging stations. The new feature comes right after the addition of the group planning option for choosing and rating on a restaurant and the new Reserve function to assist people in booking for activities and tables at favorite diners.

The upcoming Google Maps update helps people locate the closest EV charging stations. It’s ideal for electric vehicle owners who can now find charging stations while on the road.

To locate electric vehicle charging stations, all you have to do is to search using terms like “EV charging,” “EV charging stations,” “Electric car charging stations, or derivatives of the three. Google Maps would return a map showing you the nearest such station. You must have your smartphone’s Location setting activated to let Google now your position to retrieve the closed EV charging stations.

New Google Maps Update Now Shows Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Once you’ve located a station, just tap on it, and Google Maps will show you additional information, including how many ports are available, how fast is the charging, customer ratings, images, and so on.

Google Maps is now helping you locate Tesla and Chargepoint electric vehicle charging stations, worldwide. However, in the US, the app is also revealing SemaConnect, EVgo, and Blink stations. For the UK drivers, new Google Maps update can pinpoint Chargemaster and Pod Point stations, while people in Australia or New Zealand can find Chargefox stations.

As the electric car market is growing more and more, many electric vehicle drivers wonder where they can find charging stations. Until now, especially for those who are much time on the road, locating an EV charging station was challenging. Now, thanks to the new Google Maps update, users can pinpoint the nearest electric vehicle stations, depending on drivers’ location.

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