Google Maps Update Download Available with ETA features for iPhone

One of the most useful updates received by the Google Maps iOS has added the excellent ETA function.

The ETA share feature allows users to seen their real-time route to select contacts. This will help larger groups to coordinate, as they will know when the others arrive and how much it will take.

When announcing the function for the iPhone, Google Maps product manager Samuel Mclean noted that the option aims to facilitate group trips, while also keeping you safe and focused on the road ahead. After navigation is started, you can share your ETA, location and route by tapping on the ˄ button and selecting the ‘’Share trip progress’’ optic. A window will appear, and you will be able to select the desired contacts from a favorite list, or by manually searching for specific names.

The feature can be used while walking, driving or cycling and it can be useful in a variety of situations. Let’s say that you are meeting your plan for a drink and you are late. Letting him know how much it will take for you to arrive will allow him to do something else in the meantime while also observing your path and knowing exactly when you will arrive at the designated meeting point.

The update allows the location-sharing feature to be used with other third-party apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. After you reach your location the function will be automatically stopped in order to conserve battery and maintain your privacy.

The function is nothing new, as it was already available on apps like Waze and Glympse but it makes a difference on the Google Maps app, which is still the most popular mapping app in the world.

Another function that may come in handy is the commute option, which allows users to create detailed allows you to create a commute plan, in order to optimize your daily travel times.

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