iPad Pro 2018, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini To Be Presented By Apple At The Event on October 30th

Apple has sent out press invitations to attend the company’s event set for October 30th, in New York. We expect Apple to announce new tablets, computers, mini-PCs, and some accessories, as well. More specifically, the Cupertino-based company could reveal its new iPad Pro 2018, MacBook Air, and the new Mac Mini PC.

iPad Pro 2018

As Apple already launched its new iPhone 2018 devices and Apple Watch series, the new generation of iPad Pro 2018 tablets are expected to roll out during the upcoming event.

Apple, thinking about the 2-in-1 and convertible tablets that come from Windows, and without having a Mac with a touchscreen as an alternative, still considers that its iPad Pro tablets can replace PCs.

We expect two new iPad Pro 2018 models with screen sizes similar to the current ones, somewhere between 10 and 13 inches and high resolution. We don’t think Apple will jump to OLED displays for reasons of cost and panel supply. They will reduce the size of bezels to improve the screen-to-body ratio, enhance the potential of the Apple Pencil, and upgrade accessories such as the keyboard.

MacBook Air

After updating the MacBook Pro, the best-selling Apple personal computer series, it would be time to upgrade the MacBook Air line, as well. Apple is today a mobile company, more than anything else, and they don’t care much about their other products.

MacBook Air hasn’t been updated regarding hardware for years and, although it is still one of the Apple’s cheapest Mac notebook, it has been outperformed by its competitors and by new formats such as 2-in-1 and convertible tablets.

According to some rumors, a MacBook Air would be presented during the Apple event on October 30th. Also, it might boast a screen of between 12 and 13 inches with “Retina.”

Mac Mini

It’s been four years since the smallest and cheapest Mac notebook has been updated, and as a result, some of the world’s biggest technology news and reviews portals recommended users not to buy these computers.

Tim Cook tried to lower the criticism by stating that “it’s not time to share the details, but Mac Mini will be an important part of the company’s product line in the future.” Accordingly, a Mac Mini 2018 could come labeled as a Mac Mini Pro and might boast the eighth generation Intel Core, DDR4 memories, among others.

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