Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Teardown Revealed A “Zero” Repairability Score

It is not uncommon to find modern gadget with a low repairability index. These often include tightly sealed smartphones and, in particular, we talk about Apple products. However, a few have earned the distinction of a repairability score of zero. One of them is the Surface Laptop, the first of Microsoft’s modern, high-end computers. Unfortunately, it seems that the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 teardown made by iFixIt revealed that the Surface Laptop 2 has a repairability index of 0 out of 10.

At the first generation of the product, the iFixIt team did not know what to expect, beyond X-ray scanners, or how to properly disassemble the product. Unfortunately, this did not go well for the renowned keyboard of Surface Pro, which was destroyed during the process and became unrecoverable. With Surface Pro 2, the team already had the previous experience and knew how to deal with the gadget’s teardown.

They now knew what to do at each step of the process. That is because the Surface Laptop 2 is precisely the same as the first generation Surface Laptop. Even the Surface Pro 6 is not offering many new changes under the hood. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 teardown revealed that the device is pretty much like the previous model of the series.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 teardown by iFixIt revealed a 0 out 10 repairability score

According to iFixIt, Surface Laptop 2 can survive teardown, most of the time without any damage. So, why did it get a repairability index of 0 out of 10?

That’s because, like the first Surface Laptop computer, it was very challenging to open the device without exposing its components to high risks of damaging, during the process. Moreover, none of the parts are modular and easily replaceable. Even the SSD is firmly soldered to the mainboard.

As devices become more and more compact and of a better quality, they also become less user-friendly for third-party repairs, such as at home, or even at a reseller. While laptops have always been an exception, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, like its predecessor, is not one of those easily repairable devices.

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