Clash of Clans on PC and Linux – How to Download and Install

Do you want to play Clash of Clans on PC? Here is how

As a Windows user, you will need to get the Bluestacks app from the official site. After that, log in with your Google account and use your computer like a smartphone.

As a Linux user, the process is a little bit harder, but you can handle it. In order to use android apps on your Linux system, you will need to use genymotion.

How to get and use Genymotion on your Linux device

  1. Download VirtualBox and install it.
  2. Set up a Genymotion account on their cloud.
  3. Download Genymotion from the Genymotion site where you first signed up.
  4. After that, you can go on your Linux to the Terminal either by typing “Ctrl+Alt+T” or from the menu.
  5. After getting there you need to go to the Directory where the Genymotion has been downloaded. After you find that, type the following in the terminal.
  6. cd ~/Downloads/chmod +x genymotion-2.1.0_x64.bin./genymotion-2.1.0_x64.bin
  7. After you get that done, Genymotion will be installed.
  8. Now you can either run Genymotion from the Menu or from the VirtualBox. You can also run it from the terminal by executing/home/handbook/Downloads/genymotion/genymotion
  9. After that Genymotion will pop up and you will need to log in with the account you have previously made. Eventually, you will need to use the Add button or the Create New Virtual Device.
  10. From all you see, choose the Android image you want then click next.
  11. Now the app is there and you can use it by pressing the play button.
  12. You can now get any Android app you want on your Linux, including Clash of Clans, WhatsApp, and even Facebook. You can now use your PC as your smartphone, but a bigger one.


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