‘Dragon Age’ and ‘Skyrim’ Comes With New Modes Available


A broody elf is always welcomed in every game, so Dragon Age II’s Fenris can be brought into the mix. Tevinter has a tragically romantic elf who is now in Tamriel and has not changed his voice. However, there is one thing that changed, and that is his tragic backstory. Now it is fitted for The Elder Scrolls lore.


The character from Skyrim, even though the game is glorious, is not that great. However, if you use these simple mods, you will be able to pay a visit to the fan favorites from Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Origins.

Dragon Age Origins Followers mod by ‘Andruniel’ is the one we will be talking about. According to the person who created it, Dragon Age Origins Followers, lore-friendly to Skyrim. Characters such as Leliana, Morrigan, Shale are fully voiced. Enhanced AI is provided. Unique follower framework is present as well. You can ride own horses. Morrigan can now make potions and many more.

Some of the other features include: lore-friendly story & dialogue, ‘Call [Name]’ power included if you get separated when Followers are actively Following, Dismiss and send to city inns, Temples, or other specific places (at this point, only the Default dismiss works, papyrus is being a snotty git), Warp to Player if they fall behind or get separated.

Now, this is the mod everybody was expecting. This is the best way in which you can have Leliana, Wynn, Alistair, Morrigan, Shale, and Zevra back.

You can now get back in contact with the best characters in the history of Dragon Age and live all those great memories again. You can finally do all of that by downloading the mod we mentioned.

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