Grand Theft Auto 5 – Rockstar Fixes the Getting Killed in Single Player Mode Issue

Many Grand Theft Auto 5 players were complaining that an exploit would allow modders to kick or kill other players. They could do that in either the single player or the multiplayer mode which got numerous players annoyed.

According to FriendlyBaron, a Reddit user, the PC exploit was enabled due to an error in the new menu. It would show users’ Rockstar Social Club ID numbers of other fellow players. Using certain tricks and tool, players could use that information to change the game of another one’s including killing them whenever they wanted. The fact that they were not with the certain player would not stop them.

While playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and streaming on Twitch, FriendlyBaron was hit by the exploit. His character left the vehicle they were driving and instantly died with no in-game reasoning. While writing his explanation post, he mentioned that he was harassed earlier in the week by the person who did that to his game.

Finally, with all the proofs they needed, Rockstar has already patched the exploit, and now PC players will no longer have their Grand Theft Auto 5 gaming experienced bothered or even ruined either in multiplayer or single player mode. At least…not from outside the game.

Another interesting fact about what is happening in Grand Theft Auto 5 is that people are developing cheating codes. Two Australian homes were searched as part of an investigation regarding the distribution of the cheat called “Infamous.” This cheat would let users copy objects, increase their wealth, and get unlimited ammunition along with many other benefits. However, the investigation is still running as it is not easy to identify the developers of the cheat code.

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