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Best Ambigram Generators For Every Graphic Designer

Every graphic designer knows the importance of Ambigrams. You can use them to personalize almost every creation and give a different meaning to common definitions. This typographical technique is also useful for creating logos and turning good website presentations into awesome ones.

However, Ambigrams are not easy to design. As most users know, words are written in a modality which allows viewers to read them from many viewpoints. In this case, they can send a different message or the same one. Since the process is not easy, typographical experts will charge a lot of money for creating Ambigrams.

Free Ambigram generators define your style fast and easy

If you think that an Ambigram would mean added value for your project, but you cannot afford or are not willing to pay for it, the unexpected help comes from the Internet. Here you will find free Ambigram generators that you can use even if you are not an expert.

Let’s see which the most popular tools that will get you awesome Ambigrams are. With their help, you will create engaging messages for your users. Keep in mind that it’s better to use Word Art if you want to catch the user’s eye and CSS will help you rotate and showcase the Ambigram’s full functionality. Like we mentioned before, the following generators are available online for free.

  • Flipscript

This is one of the most simplistic variants. With it, you can create simple Ambigrams, so you don’t have the possibility to choose fonts or size. It creates graphics when you enter words or phrases into one of the fields from the website.

  • Ambigram

This tool is one of the most straightforward from our list. The source allows you to create awesome art online without any unnecessary steps. The typographical creation can be completed by entering the text, choosing your favourite font and pressing the button.

  • Truly Science Ambigram Generator

This version is another creativity booster. Also, it allows you to understand how Ambigrams work. It can be sued by entering one word or phrases into the dedicated space online.

Next to the website mentioned above, typographical creativity can be developed while you are on the go as well. Some cool apps support you throughout the process.

  • An Android app called Ambimatic Ambigram Generator

This app has the same features as the website, but it is designed only for Android users. Download it and start using it for free!

  • OMNI is the second Android app designed for Ambigrams

This is the most engaging free Ambigram app available for Android. If you have your WiFi on, the ads will overwhelm you, but once you turn it off you can use the app until you get used to it. Another solution is to get the paid version. In addition, the tool has a great social media policy, therefore it has developed a strong Facebook community. You can communicate with the other users and get inspired.

Now that you know which the most popular Ambigram generators available for free are, let’s learn more on how to create typographical writing.

  • Enigma – for this creation, the letters are used in a clever way;
  • Voltica;
  • Deep Guy – the letters D and G are interchanged, so they are readable from both sides;
  • Hope Faith;
  • Word and number Ambigrams – numbers look good in Ambigrams;
  • Skrillex Ambigram Logo;
  • Yocki;
  • Peta Ambigram;
  • Yocki

As a conclusion, we advise you to learn more information on Ambigrams and even tutorials on how they are made. When you think that you are ready, just try to create your own with one of the Ambigram generators presented above.

By Henry R. Lares

Henry Lares is still early into his career as tech reporter but has already had his work published in many major publications including Tech Crunch and the Huffington Post.  In regards to academics, Henry earned an engineering degree from Apex Technical School. Henry has a passion for emerging technology and covers upcoming products and breakthroughs in science and tech.

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