PlayStation 5: What We Should Expect From Sony’s Next-Gen Console

Although we have the confirmation that Sony is indeed working on a next-gen console, we don’t yet know if it would be named PlayStation 5, but everything we know so far leads to that nomination. However, be it called as it may, here’s what we should expect from the future PS5.

Sony confirmed it’s working on a next-generation console, but the Japanese company offered no details on what’s likely to be named or its features. However, some rumors, some coming even from internal sources, revealed a few possible features the upcoming PlayStation 5 (let’s call it this way) is most likely to boast.

PlayStation 5: What We Should Expect From Sony’s Next-Gen Console

Backwards Compatibility

According to a recent patent filed by Sony, the future PlayStation 5 would come out with “backwards compatibility” with all the other Sony consoles. That would mean that PlayStation 5 would run PS4, PS3, PS2, and PS1 games.

Significant PSN changes

On PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Network was not much of a thing for PS gamers. However, with the release of PS4, Sony revamped its PSN. With PS5, Sony would continue to improve its PlayStation Network with new features.

V-Sync Support

Also, per another patent that Sony filed, the upcoming PlayStation 5 will add V-Sync support, meaning that the games on Sony’s next-gen console will run with smoother graphics and less screen tearing. In other words, a 60-FPS game on a 60-Hz display would never exceed 60 FPS thanks to V-Sync.

Universal Cross-Platform Play

Sony has finally introduced crossplay but only in its testing phase and for just one game. It’s not yet known if the Japanese company would add this feature to more games. However, PlayStation 5 is expected to implement universal cross-platform play which would allow gamers on PS5 to connect and play with those on other platforms.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

Sony Entertainment has just confirmed the development of a next-gen console, so it’s not clear when the future PlayStation 5 would come out. According to some earlier rumors, however, we should expect the PS5 to come out somewhen between 2020 and 2021.

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