GBoard Added Floating Keyboard Support In Its Final Version – Here’s How To Activate It

In September, Google announced the arrival of a new and cool function to the already renowned GBoard. The Google keyboard for Android introduced the floating keyboard. Until now, the feature was only available in GBoard Beta version, but, now, it arrives on the final release of the application.

It is quite straightforward to use the floating keyboard in GBoard. All you have to do is to follow a couple of steps on your Android phone, and after that, you will have a floating GBoard in all the applications that usually use a keyboard, including instant messaging apps, Google search, or SMS apps.

As you’ll see below, it’s straightforward to activate the floating keyboard in GBoard, which can be a useful feature for some users, although, honestly, it seems much appropriate for Android tablets users. Also, to be able to activate this function you must update the GBoard app to the latest version.

How to activate floating keyboard in GBoard app on Android devices

To begin with, you’ll need to open an app that uses the keyboard app, either an instant messaging app or Google Notes or whatever. Once the GBoar keyboard pops up, it would be displayed as regularly.

Now, to activate the floating keyboard, you must tap on the “G” icon that appears on the left side of the keyboard. After you touch it, a menu with several options should open up on the screen. Now, you have to tap on the three horizontal points that appear on the right of the screen. When you do that, at the bottom of GBoard, you’ll see several extra settings, one of which is Floating Keyboard. Thus, after you tap on it, you’ll activate the floating keyboard in GBoard.

Accordingly, in just a few simple steps, you can activate the floating keyboard in GBoard app, which is a new and cool function that might prove useful for some Android users.

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