New WhatsApp Versions for Android and iOS Come With Stickers To Spice Up Your Messages

Finally, the WhatsApp now added stickers, even though some of them are precisely the ones you see in Facebook Messenger. Puppies, dinosaurs, coffee cups, and so on, are just a few of the stickers with which you can now spice up your WhatsApp messages.

To use these fun stickers in WhatsApp, you will have to make sure that you update your WhatsApp to the new 2.18.329 version for Android or the WhatsApp 2.18.100 for iOS.

Once the application has been updated, you will need to open a conversation and click on the smiling face icon that appears to the left of the text box. This icon is native to WhatsApp’s interface and is used to open the options to send emojis, GIFs, and so on. Besides these, you can now see the stickers.

New WhatsApp versions for Android and iOS added stickers

When you click on the stickers icon on WhatsApp, you will find some curious pre-loaded stickers, but you will be able to search for more by clicking on the “plus” sign that is at the top of the list. Also, as in Telegram or Facebook Messenger, when you receive a new sticker, you can download that one and add it to your own listing if you do not already have it.

When you long-press a sticker you received, you will see the same menu as on any other message. Basically, you will be able to answer to the message or resend the sticker, as well as mark it as a favorite or delete it.

However, in the case you don’t see the new stickers, despite updating the app the new WhatsApp versions for Android and iOS, you’d have to back up your WhatsApp chat history and reinstall the application. For some users, this method worked for obtaining the new stickers in WhatsApp.

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