Windows 10 Has A Bug Within Its Built-in ZIP Tool – Microsoft To Launch A Patch in November

Windows 10 has some bugs after the recent updates, according to users’ reports. After a very troublesome issue that deleted the files of several users, here is another recently revealed bug that affects the ZIP archives. Microsoft has promised a patch.

Windows 10 has a bug regarding the built-in ZIP tool

If you use the native Windows 10 tool to access and extract the content of a ZIP archive, a conflict may exist, only that the Windows 10 users are not warned about it. If you copy or move files from a ZIP archive, without first extracting the content to a new folder containing files with the same name, Windows 10 does not display the pop-up message “Do you want to replace these files?”

Windows makes it look like the files have been replaced automatically when, in reality, the copy action for these files is not executed. This scenario does not occur when you use a third-party tool to extract archives, such as 7Zip or WinRAR, just to mention a few.

Microsoft to fix the ZIP tool bug with a patch to be launched in November

The problem mentioned above popped up after the recent Windows 10 October 2018 Update Microsoft rolled out earlier this month, just a few weeks ago. As regarding this ZIP tool bug, Microsoft announced that a patch would soon be available for download.

However, the giant tech company announced that the patch would arrive in early November, but offered no additional details on this patch.

If you regularly handle ZIP archives with the Windows 10 built-in tool, it may be advisable to turn to 7Zip or WinRAR in order to avoid the problems mentioned above. Also, with 7Zip, WinRAR, or any other such tool, users will be able to work with virtually any type of archive in the world.

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