iOS 12 Jailbreak by Luca Todesco Ready with Confirmation on iPhone XS Max

After Apple releases a new version of its iOS, there are always people that expect something else to happen soon. We are talking about people in the jailbreak community and until now they have been waiting for an iOS 12 jailbreak. They waited patiently ever since Apple started beta tests on the software.

What did they look for?

In order for iPhones and iPads to be jailbreaked, developers have to find some exploits. They achieved this through Luca Todesco, a developer renowned for jailbreaking, managing to jailbreak the iOS 12 on an iPhone XS Max. It is especially impressive since this model comes with the A12 Bionic chipset that added extra security measures.

Overcoming restrictions

Luca Todesco tweeted last month that he ‘pwned’ the software, even claiming that he did it from the first try without having to alter the code from his earlier project. This translates into Apple not making any major changes to iOS 12 compared to the beta version.

To support his claim, Todesco also released a video. At the time he said that we have to wait a few weeks for him to share the full details.


Todesco used Twitter again to confirm the reality of the jailbreak. For this, he used his own iPhone XS Max that ran iOS 12. The beta exploit was still relevant on the final build and by doing the jailbreak, he validated the lack of hardware restrictions that were supposed to prevent him from liberating the device.

Besides jailbreaking the phone, Todesco also restored the stock version of iOS 12. He still uses the XS Max, describing it as a ‘damn fine piece of hardware’. He neither confirmed nor denied that he would release the jailbreak to the public. We just have to wait and see.

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