Clash of Clans Guide For 3 Star Attacking in TH 11

Clash of Clans introduced a new attacking strategy with its latest balancing adjustments and it has been rising pretty fast for those among us that reached TH 11. This strategy will allow you to level up to 3 Stars even those maxed Town Hall 11 bases. Actually, it represents an evolution or a modification of the B*Witched attack that has proven to be pretty useful in these past months.


The nice part of this strategy is that it allows you to perform solid attacks in a Clan War as well if your opponent has an Anti 3-Star design that comes with big compartments.

How does it work?

The strategy has its central point in getting your Witches and Golems to build your funnel on the outside while your Bowlers along with your Heroes will go into the core. Do it right and you are going to have a solid 2 Star – often you will have a 3-Star – even if you come across maxed Town Hall 11 bases.

Pros and Cons

The pros for GoBoWi are: first, it is an easy (kind of mass) strategy to implement; then, you are guaranteed a 2 Star, if you know how to properly build a funnel; you have a good possibility for 3 Stars.

The cons consist of a requirement for solid upgrades to your Bowlers and Witches (Level 3 for TH11 and Level 2 for TH10). Also, you will find it extremely expensive in Dark Elixir.

Troop composition

The spells aspect can be played with a bit, but the main composition is somewhat fixed. The army setup has 15 Bowlers, 10 Witches (5 deployed on each side), and 1 Golem plus another one in your Clan Castle.

The recommended spells are: 1 Poison Spell or 1 Earthquake, 3 Jump Spells, 2 Rage Spells or 1 Rage and 1 Heal Spell, and a Clan Castle Spell: Heal or Rage.

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