Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Budget Versions Expected With 5G As Well

Samsung seems to follow Apple’s lead in developing three flagship models. We expect a trio of Galaxy S10 models and the South Korean tech giant is also looking to release a 5G version in the United States.


The standard S10 has the codename ‘Beyond’, according to Bloomberg which released a report on Friday. The article cited anonymous sources and it seems that the device will have the approximate size as the model released this year, the 5.8-inch S9 model.

It will feature triple cameras on its rear and a front camera placed under the display. These details match the rumors we began to hear these past few months.


Beyond will come with an OLED screen that will appear curved on both sides, having rounded corners and virtually no bezel at the top or bottom. Bloomberg stated that it will also have a fingerprint sensor placed under the screen.

Samsung vs. Apple

The plans of Samsung consist of matching the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR models. This supposes the creation of a larger ‘Plus’ version and a cheaper one that won’t come with a screen with its edges curved nor with a fingerprint sensor, says the report. The release of a model without a headphone jack is another possible outcome.


Samsung didn’t forget about their promise of delivering a foldable device. It has the codename ‘Winner’ and it seems that until now the company hasn’t decided between having vertical or horizontal prototypes, although designers feel that the former is easier to hold.

This comes as a bummer since it will not come in November, as we previously hoped for. Also, it won’t feature a fingerprint sensor like the S10, but it will come with an extra four-inch screen on the outside which will let you check messages or emails without having to unfold it.

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