uTorrent vs. BitTorrent – Best Speed and User Interface Comparison

Using a torrent client can be very convenient for the times when you want to access certain files for free. There are numerous options available, but two of the best torrent clients remain BitTorrent and uTorrent. They are both popular, but which one is best? Today we will compare these two to see their advantages and disadvantages.


Speed is very important for any torrent user. If we analyse the speed of both BitTorrent and uTorrent, we can see that BitTorrent is faster. That is because BitTorrent does not have any ads, and therefore it is faster. The downloading speed for uTorrent is less than 10kb/s while the BitTorrent one is more than 70kb/s. Here BitTorrent is the clear winner.


Most users consider ads annoying and they try to avoid them. If you are one of those persons, you will prefer BitTorrent, since it is ad-free. UTorrent comes with ads unless you upgrade to the ad-free version which will cost you $4.95/year. You can also choose the Pro version with comes with other features as well, and costs $19.95/year.

User interface

It is important to choose a program that has a simple UI, which is easy to use. Here, both BitTorrent and uTorrrent are pretty similar. In fact, the UI is almost the same. You can see all the torrent options and suggestions in the menu that shows up on the left side. Additionally, that is also where the upgrade options show up.

Then at the bottom you can see an overview for the torrent files that you have added. All the information you need is available there, including things such as speed, trackers, info and files.


Language support can also be important. Here uTorrent wins, as it is available in 67 languages, while BitTorrent is available in 66 languages.

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