Walmart To Launch Its Own Line Of Gaming Laptops and Desktop PCs

Walmart recently teamed up with Esports Arena to work together on the development of its own line of gaming laptops and desktop PCs. The new Walmart series of computers dedicated to gaming would be called Overpowered and would be exclusively sold via Walmart stores, including online.

The gaming laptops and desktop PCs market is continuously growing and, now, Walmart one to grab a share of this vast market. Accordingly, Walmart and Esports Arena partnered up to work together on the Walmart’s own line up of computers dedicated to gaming.

“Designed and created by Esports Arena for the gaming community, Overpowered’s top-of-the-line gaming PCs are stocked with serious memory, seamless graphics and lightning speeds – all at accessible prices so you can unlock a new level of gaming,” says Walmart on the line up’s official page where we can see that there will be three gaming laptops and three desktop PCs.

Walmart To Launch Its Own Line Of Gaming Laptops and Desktop PCs

Walmart gaming laptops and desktop PCs would boast Intel Core i7 CPUs, 32 gigabytes of memory working with high-capacity HDDs and SSDs, and either 1050Ti, 1060Ti, or 1080Ti Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics cards. All the Overpowered gaming computers come with compatibility for virtual reality.

According to Walmart, the Overpowered gaming laptops are the world’s first laptops dedicated to gaming with 144 Hz displays and an illuminated keyboard that you can fully customize from 16 million color choices to make laptop gaming more enjoyable than ever. Also, the new Walmart series of gaming laptops and desktop PCs are already available for pre-order at prices starting from $999 for the cheapest gaming laptop and $1,399 for its desktop PC counterpart.

In short, Walmart teamed up with Esports Arena to launch its own line of gaming laptops and desktop PCs, Overpowered, with technical specs that would take the gaming to a new level.

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  1. Walmart took no time in choosing the case. They simply picked the 12th case that shows up in google image search for “computer gaming case” which comes from China ODM Dongguan Orient Technology Co.Ltd. The desktop lacks top mounted fans and has little to no space in front for letting intake in so airflow is very poor and inside it runs hot. Also, $1899 is a jacked price when considering “i7-8700 gtx 1080 desktop” search on Amazon yields $1399+ desktops with better airflow (i.e. B077J275KK, B0788X6D9Y, B07932Q7HZ, etc…).

    The laptop is the same Tongfang gaming laptop that OriginPC, Eluktronics (i.e. Amazon listing B07FPGPQXL), and others sell. Its just sandwitched above Eluktronics and below OriginPC for price.

    This is what happens when companies that don’t know the first thing about gaming computers try and do gaming PCs.

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