Apple CEO Tim Cook Said That iPad Pro 2018 Offers Xbox One S-like Graphics Capabilities

It has become fashionable among mobile device manufacturers to compare their new products with game consoles. Huawei compared its Mate 20 X with the Nintendo Switch video game console, and now Apple itself has referred to Xbox One S in the presentation of the new iPad Pro 2018 that boasts more power and graphics capability than the previous models.

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, went on the stage yesterday to announce the new iPad Pro 2018 models and, after showing its ultra-thin appearance that virtually eliminates the device’s bezels and its design without a Home Button, referred to the handset’s power and functionality as a gaming platform.

“The iPad Pro delivers Xbox One S-style graphics performance in a product that is 94% smaller,” Tim Cook said to the millions of viewers who follow each Apple keynote live. “And it doesn’t need an AC cable,” he added regarding the new iPad Pro 2018.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Said That iPad Pro 2018 Offers Xbox One S-like Graphics Capabilities

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, proved his statements true during yesterday’s Apple event, although it has always been difficult to compare performance between gaming-dedicated hardware such as Xbox One S and a multi-function device, as the former one is directly optimized for running video games, while the latter is multi-functional.

What Cook didn’t say is that the 2018 iPad Pro 2018 comes in two variant, on of 11 inches and the second one of 12.9 inches.

But Tim Cook’s statement that iPad Pro 2018 models are offering Xbox One S-like graphics capabilities did not disturb Microsoft, whose battle with Apple is on other areas. Phil Spencer, head of video games at the company, replied on Twitter that he liked the reference and turned it into a proposal to encourage cross-play between the two devices. This device will probably be one of the favorites when xCloud is put into use when it is released in 2019.

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