Facebook To Roll Out New Features For Its Video Game Streaming Hub

A few months ago Facebook announced the arrival of its own video game streaming hub, a movement that would bring the social network into competition with platforms such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming. Now, Facebook has announced the expansion of a program that will allow players from a total of 21 countries to obtain economic benefits.

Facebook to roll out new features for its video game streaming hub

The program we are talking about is called Level Up, and its goal is to help streamers create a community on Facebook. All users who qualify for the program will be able to earn Facebook Stars which are virtual goods purchased by their fans, which they will then redeem for real money.

Members of the Level Up program will also enjoy other advantages, such as better quality video streaming (1080p/60fps), the ability to customize their dashboard and advance access to new features that are coming to the platform. In addition to all that, Facebook will make available to streamers a partner program that could help them gain more reach and generate additional revenue.

The Facebook video game streaming hub is still growing, hoping to math Twitch and YouTube Gaming fame

Undoubtedly, this is a movement that shows the interest of Facebook in its new video game streaming platform, so it would not be surprising that it is becoming more and more critical to the renowned social network. We remind you that you can access the streaming platform of Facebook video games through facebook.com/gaming link.

While Facebook is frequently developing its video game streaming hub, it is still far behind renowned and already established platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming which total millions of content creators and other tens of millions of visitors. However, competition is beneficial in this regard, so we should expect Facebook video game streaming service to grow even further.

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