Locker For WhatsApp App Allows Users To Protect WhatsApp Chats With a Password or Fingerprint

None of us are safe when using an instant messaging app. Of course, WhatsApp is the world’s leading instant messaging app on Android, iOS, and PC, as well, via WhatsApp Web service, and more and more users are wondering how can they protect specific chats with a password to increase their privacy. Locker For WhatsApp is the ideal solution to protect WhatsApp chats with a password or fingerprint.

The Locker For WhatsApp app is available for free on the Google Play Store and is a safe application to install.

The first thing the application will ask you to do is to grant permissions. That is the fundamental step we must take to be able to use a fingerprint or password protection of specific WhatsApp chats. Once granted, it is not necessary to establish a new fingerprint because the application uses automatically the one we have configured on the phone if you have one previously set up.

Locker For WhatsApp allows users to protect WhatsApp chats with a password or fingerprint

Once you have granted Locker For WhatsApp with all the required access permissions, you only have to go to the Locker For WhatsApp’s home screen and tap on the (+) symbol to add contacts or groups. We can add as many chats as we want to protect them with password or fingerprint. But, to use the system, you must first establish a 4-digit PIN to be the only one who can access the app.

Once these steps are completed, whenever you access WhatsApp, the WhatsApp chats and groups chosen within Locker For WhatsApp will be inaccessible even by the instant messaging app itself unless you enter the same PIN configured in the previous step or check your fingerprint.

If you want to remove the protection of any conversation, go back to Locker For WhatsApp and tap on the “Select” menu in the top right corner. Choose all the WhatsApp chats or groups and remove the password or fingerprint verification on them.

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