Shazam Update Allows Users To Share Songs Directly on Instagram Stories

In recent months, we are seeing increasingly more applications which are trying to access the functions of Instagram Stories to integrate with this feature of the social network much better. In the case of Spotify, we can already publish the songs we are listnening to as a “sticker.” It’s a form of symbiosis between both platforms. Now it’s Shazam’s turn to make the same approach, as the new Shazam update allows users to integrate the results of the Shazam songs in their Instagram Stories so that their followers can access the song.

The acquisition of Shazam by Apple was completed in September and, since then, there have been a few updates that changed the app’s main features. Shazam version 12.3 now allows sharing the content from Shazam on the Instagram Stories, the Facebook’s social network. It works similarly as Spotify permitting users to publish songs in Instagram Stories.

Next, we’ll show you how to share your Shazam songs with your Instagram Stories.

How to publish the songs from Shazam directly on Instagram Stories

  • Go to “My Shazam” and choose a song;
  • Click on the three vertical bullet points at the top right of the song cover;
  • Then click on “Share” and then on “Instagram Stories”;
  • You will be asked for permission to open Instagram and, once you’ve accepted that, you will access the Instagram Story section directly, and you’ll be able to see the image of your published Shazam song;

The concept of the new Shazam updated that allows you to post songs directly on Instagram Stories is quite simple. On the one hand, the cover of the shared song is published, and below it appears the number of captures of this song that has been made in the Shazam application. We can also store this song by clicking on “Open in Shazam” at the top left, once it is published on Instagram Stories.

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