Jailbreakers Made It Too Easy for Apple – What Has Apple Stole from Them

Thanks to the stability improvements, iOS has now the best security tools, lots of app and services to enjoy and a friendly user interface. Each update comes with better things that make the experience the best one for iPhone users. However, you need to keep in mind that it’s not all thanks to Apple’s genius, as most of the features come from tweaks made by the jailbreak community.

You get a camera shortcut on the lock screen, you get to quick replay to messages directly from notifications, you get screen recording support – and not only, but these also are just the tip of the iceberg and were possible even before Apple got them for their operating system.

We all remember how it was when iOS first made its appearance – it just had a few options for customization, but people from the jailbreak community figured out how to improve the software from Apple, and now it’s easier for more technical users to do many things – things that Apple couldn’t even imagine.

The control center

It was first introduced in iOS 7, and it’s that thing that allows you to swipe up (from the bottom of the screen initially, now it’s a swipe down from the top-right of the screen if you have Face ID). Here is where you find the Airplane Mode Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb and Portrait Orientation Lock.

Jailbreak versions had some features like these, and it was long before the iOS 7 was released. SBSettings came together with the customizable toggles, things that will later be seen in iOS, too. For iOS 5 and above, you can get the SBSettings’ controls for the swipe-down Notification Center. Before you could do this, you had to swipe left or right to be able to open the toggles.

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