Facebook Messenger Beta For Android With A New Feature

Facebook Messenger is the instant messaging app for the mobile versions of Facebook for both Android and iOS. It allows users of Facebook to connect with friends and family more straightforwardly. Now, Facebook Messenger Beta rolled out for Android with a new feature about which will talk below.

Facebook Messenger totals many cool features

With Facebook Messenger, users can reach anyone, even though they are not on their Facebook friends list. You can find a contact using the phone number or their names using the built-in search engine, as you usually do on Facebook to find new friends. Also, Facebook Messenger is a cross-platform app as it’s available on all the existent operating systems, such as iOS, Android, and desktop/laptop PCs where the messenger is integrated within the Facebook page.

Facebook Messenger permits users to send and receive messages, as well as to make or answer both voice and video calls as simple as you send/receive SMS or make and answer phone calls on your smartphone. In comparison with other instant messaging apps, Facebook Messenger positions itself in the top of the list, along with WhatsApp Messenger and Skype of Microsoft.

You can use Facebook Messenger to send emojis, photos, videos, share documents, and even play games and compete with your friends from your list, who are playing the same games. Besides, if you own a business, you can get in touch with your clients using Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Beta for Android with a new feature

The newly launched Facebook Messenger Beta for Android comes with a new function, under the hood, while nothing changed at the GUI’s level.

According to the official release note, “now, you can see your call history and missed calls – all in one place.” Besides this new function, Facebook Messenger Beta for Android doesn’t bring anything else. However, as you can see, it is a Beta version, so the new function is still under testing before emerging in the final version, if everything goes right.

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