Fortnite Mobile: Epic Games To Support 60 FPS And Deal With NFL

Who knows how many of the Fortnite’s over 80 million players play it on an iOS mobile device? At the very least, we can ensure that they are not only very numerous, but they are very generous. According to Sensor Tower estimates, the revenues generated by the royal battle on iOS exceeded $300 million in 200 days, a much higher start than any other Battle Royale title. Now, Fortnite merges with NFL.

In addition to a permanent optimization on the interface of the title, Epic Games confirms that compatibility with controllers is still relevant. “We have started to test different configurations, and we will give you news when these tests have reached a sufficiently satisfactory stage,” the Epic Games’ article says.

Then comes the question of fluidity. Not all mobile devices are equal, but Epic Games intends to take the experience to the next level by activating 60 frames per second display on a limited number of high-end models shortly.

Epic Games’ Fortnite Mobile Title To Support 60 FPS And Deal With NFL

“We are evaluating those who will be able to maintain a high level of performance over several parts without overheating to excess,” the Epic Games’ announcement confirms. Still, in the “very soon” category, developers are working on significant performance improvements with Android 7 and other older operating systems of Android.

The game should generally require less memory to provide a more constant refresh rate, but also reduce the size of updates, which are inevitably common in a title like this.

And while we’re at it, Epic Games has just announced a partnership with the NFL, a small sports organization that’s probably happy to place its jerseys and accessories in Fortnite’s item shop, two months after it was introduced to another big online gaming success with young people, Roblox. We are expecting more, as a collaboration with FIFA, to complete the circle of Epic Games’ Fortnite partnerships with sports games.

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