Instagram Might Launch Instagram Storied For Schools

Instagram is reportedly working on a school-only version of Instagram Stories. The new system would work in such a way that students in a school, and only them, would make collective contributions to their school’s Stories. The possible existence of this new feature has been found in the social network code by Manchun Wong, a software researcher known for the numerous social network discoveries.

Instagram, for its part, has not commented on this, which could indicate that the tool is at an early stage of development. Apparently, the idea is that schools would have a space similar to Instagram Stories in which only the students of the respective schools can upload (and see) the content. In this way, a safe space is created, out of other people’s eyes, where kids can use social networks in their community.

What Manchun Wong found in the code lines of the new Instagram Stories seems to suggest that, in order to prevent school’s Instagram Stories from becoming a bullying nest, all uploaded content would be reviewed by some human moderators, most likely, professors of the respective schools.

Instagram Might Launch An Instagram Storied Feature For Schools

That would avoid the failures of automatic moderation systems, based on artificial intelligence and user reports, and would give a safe space to the youngest.

The presence of a human team constantly monitoring the content may be a too-high investment for Instagram, but, of course, it is better than the alternative of letting bullying and harassment get away with it. Nothing has yet been confirmed, so Instagram Stories for schools could arrive at a later time, or it might never launch, in fact.

In any case, it makes sense that Instagram Stories would dedicate to a niche mostly ignored by other social networks.

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