The Complete Clash of Clans Guide For Each Type Of Player

Clash of Clans is one of the top mobile games. There are numerous players, and each player has a different strategy. We have prepared a couple of tips for you, and they work for each kind of strategy, whether you are a defensive player or one that prefers to attack.

Have successful attacks

Attacking can be improved if you are aware of certain tips. You shouldn’t attack at random. Notice that you have 30 seconds before you begin the attack, and you should take advantage of them. Come up with a strategy.

Don’t attack a base unless you are sure that you can get at least one star. You should also win more resources than you have spent. If there are any castle troops, make sure that you kill them first and then go on with your attack.

It is also a good idea to divide your troops into two groups, so that you don’t use them all at once. For example, one group can handle the main defenses and the walls and you can prepare a second line of attack afterwards.

Defend your base

Defending your base is also important. You should create a good design for it. Online pictures can help you, but make sure that you respect all the indications given. You should also make sure that all your traps are upgraded to the max and active.


If you want to protect your resources you can lower your league. You can also “hide” dark elixir by placing troops in the training queue. Once you come back online you can cancel their training and you will get your resources back. When you design your base you should also make sure that your collectors are placed in the center so that you can protect them.

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