A Jailbreak for iPhone XS Max which Operates on iOS 12.1 Available Soon

Ever since the last version of iOS was released, users have been interested in seeing how a jailbreak would work on this operating system. Recently, this ”dream” became true thanks to Keen Security Lab.

A member of their team, Liang Chen, managed to jailbreak the new iPhone XS Max, a device ran by iOS 12.1. He announced his accomplishment on Twitter and added that he will make a presentation about the jailbreak during POC 2018.

Chen’s presentation can be seen on the 9th of November

According to Liang Chen’s social media channel, he will be moderating the panel this Friday, November 9th, between 16:30 – 17:30. Unfortunately, people cannot expect to actually see any footage presenting the jailbreak process.

Chen might not be able to make a practical demonstration of his work on jailbreaking iOS 12.1 on an iPhone XS Max because of his job. Tencent Keen Security Lab was created in 2016 (January). Their purpose is to focus on researching security matters for PCs, IOT smart devices, applications, mobile devices, cloud computing technologies and others.

In addition, Tencent Security applies their research on their own products and technologies. This means that a jailbreak like the one recently completed by Chen might not be in their line of interest.

iOS 12.1 users are happy to hear that their operating system can be subject to jailbreak. A lot of them say that this version is far better the previous parts, so they will follow Chen’s work very closely.

Other say that there’s no point in proving that you jailbreak an operating system unless you show the process to the public. Usually, it can take months until people like Chen show how they managed to do what they claim and it could be too late, since iOS users might already upgrade their systems.

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