Google Maps Tests A New Crash and Speed Camera Reporting Function

Google Maps is testing a crash and speed camera reporting function, one of the features in Waze, the app bought by Google. So, Google has not one, but two main navigation applications, including Google Maps, which it developed from scratch, and Waze, which it bought a few years ago.

The latter has a crucial advantage over Google Maps as it provides real-time traffic information, which is very useful and can be very convenient for getting a route. Traffic information, such as speed cameras, accidents, traffic jams, etc., can be reported directly by other Waze users. And it seems that Google wants to integrate some of these features into Google Maps.

According to Android Police, Google is currently testing a feature that would allow users to report accidents and speed cameras.

Support for incident reporting in Google Maps was first discovered several months ago, but this feature is currently being tested by some Google Maps users, as shown in the following screenshot.

Google Maps Tests A New Crash and Speed Camera Reporting Function

The new crash and speed trap (speed camera) report buttons should appear at the bottom of the maps. That allows users to tell Google if they have witnessed a road slowdown due to an accident or speed camera. The feature only works in navigation mode.

You can only notify a speed camera if you follow the path taken by the application. Since we do not need directions to find our place of residence, this means that we cannot map a radar if the navigation is off. Waze, on the other hand, allows you to report speed cameras even if the users are not in navigation mode.

The new Google Maps functionality is still being tested, and it is not known when it will be available to all Google Maps users. If you drive a lot and can use more live updates on what’s going on around you, then Waze can be a much better solution than Google Maps for reporting crashes and speed cameras.

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