Samsung Revealed Three “Infinity” Notch Designs and A Notchless “New Infinity” Display

The giant South Korean tech company, Samsung has just revealed four different screen designs at its 2018 developer conference. Three of these new screens come with various examples of a notch, while the fourth, “New Infinity,” is a notchless display.

The first three designs, dubbed as “Infinity-U,” “Infinity-V,” and “Infinity-O,” are showing a different notch design each. Infinity-U comes with a notch shaped like a letter “U,” Infinity-V boast a cut like a letter “V,” while the last one presents an O-shaped notch placed on the top-right side of the screen.

Interestingly, the Infinity-O design looks like the Samsung Galaxy S10 render, recently made by Ben Geskin. His render shows a Galaxy S10 device with an O-shaped notch on the top of the screen where the selfies camera would be put.

However, the notchless New Infinity display boasts a screen with almost no bezels and no notch. To be honest, this New Infinity screen looks fantastic.

Samsung Revealed Three “Infinity” Notch Designs and A Notchless “New Infinity” Display

Besides “Infinity-U,” “Infinity-V,” “Infinity-O,” and “New Infinity,” Samsung also presented its new Infinity Flex Display for its upcoming Samsung folding smartphone, the so-called Galaxy F.

As mentioned, at Samsung’s 2018 developer conference, the South Korean giant tech company presented its new designs for its Infinity display series. Each of the first three designs, dubbed as Infinity-U,” “Infinity-V,” and “Infinity-O,” boasts a uniquely-shaped notch. Besides these models, Samsung also revealed its “New Infinity” design which is a notchless screen with very thin, almost invisible, bezels.

The latter, the New Infinity display design, could be the one the fans would love the most if implemented on an upcoming Samsung design as the notches are increasingly less popular, lately.

In conclusion, Samsung revealed three Infinity notch designs and a notchless New Infinity display. One of the notch designs, the so-called Infinity-O, appeared recently, in a somewhat different form, however, in Ben Geskin’s render of Samsung Galaxy S10.

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