Updating Apps While You’re Using Them Is The Next Goal for Android

Among the news coming from Samsung, Google also presented an upcoming feature in Android that would allow users to use applications as the system is updating apps. The presentation took place at Android Dev Summit as part of Android’s In-App Updates API, which is at this moment under testing by Google.

“You’ll have two options with this API; the first is a full-screen experience for critical updates when you expect the user to wait for the update to be applied immediately. The second option is a flexible update, which means the user can keep using the app while the update is downloaded. You can completely customize the update flow, so it feels like part of your app,” said Stephanie Cuthbertson, Android’s Director of Product Management.

According to The Verge, the new Android feature is a fail-safe against users who refuse to keep their apps updated as the process is requiring a few steps.

Updating Apps While You’re Using Them Is The Next Goal for Android

The In-App Updates API is currently in its testing phase at Google. When it comes out, this new Android feature will allow updating apps while you’re using them, easing up the Android apps update process.

Besides this upcoming function, at the before-mentioned Android Dev Summit, Google also presented its Foldables technology with which the company wants to support the forthcoming Samsung folding smartphone announced by Samsung Senior Vice President Justin Denison at the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference.

Even though Justin Denison did not disclose an exact release date for Samsung’s foldable smartphone, Galaxy F, Android and Google’s devs reported that the upcoming folding smartphone would hit the shelves in 2019. Also, the new Google’s Foldables technology is specially designed to support the forthcoming Galaxy F with a GUI and apps that would work with the device’s folding display.

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