EA Sports FIFA 19 Companion Major Update Is Finally Available

Companion apps for games are increasingly popular lately. We already know about Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 companion apps, but now it’s time to talk about FIFA 19 Companion app for Android. EA Sports FIFA 19 Companion is now available and comes as a major update with new features and improvements.

To have access to the FIFA 19 companion app, you must have an EA Account, FIFA 19 game in original (for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC), and a FIFA Ultimate Team Club.

With FIFA 19 Companion app, you can connect with the universe of the FUT 19 from anywhere in the world, so you can manage your FUT Club on the go, as long as you have a stable Internet connection. FIFA 19 Companion permits you to set up your squad and lead your team’s tactics to prepare your club for the next match. You can also sign transfers, earn rewards, or boost your team with fresh items by using FIFA points or coins.

EA Sports FIFA 19 Companion Major Update Is Finally Available

The new update of the EA Sports FIFA 19 Companion app brings several improvements, including some under the hood enhancements that would make the app run smoothly, giving a better user experience.

“Hey FIFA fans! We’re continuing to make improvements to the Companion App throughout the year. With this major update, you can now redeem access to the FUT Champions Weekend League through the Companion app! We’ve also made some behind-the-scenes changes to keep your game running smoothly. Thanks for playing,” EA Sports stated in the official release note of the new FIFA 19 Companion for Android.

With this new update, you’ll now be able to redeem access to the FUT Champions Weekend League directly via the FIFA 19 Companion. Also, the additional under the hood changes make the application run better than ever, improving your experience with the app.

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