Harley-Davidson’s Electric Motorcycle 2019 Leaks

Worldwide pollution is affecting our health, so we have to do everything we can to protect the environment. Since vehicles fuels are among the most polluting factors, manufacturers have adapted and developed eco-friendly transport means.

Now that hybrid or electric cars are becoming more and more popular, attention is heading towards bikers. In 2019, they will be able to use the first all-electric motorcycle in the world. The item is called LiveWire and it will be released by Harley Davidson.

So far, we didn’t know much about the vehicle, but producers used the EICMA 2018 to show many photos about it. The event took place in Milan, Italy this week and ever since they found out more details about the LiveWire, bike riding fans are very excited.

We can expect to see a powerful motorcycle

Harley Davidson is expected to launch the all-electric bike in 2019. At least, they should release more details about it in January – for example, they could mention its power and the range/charge, which are the most important information for every electric vehicle buyer.

The company did say that the item is optimized for urban use and street-riders will be able to enjoy a high-end performance. However, they should be more specific and give more details about weight, lean angles, wheelbase or seat height. So far, Harley Davidson didn’t even mention anything about the vehicle’s price.

Until the rest of the details arrive, at least we can be happy that we know how the motorcycle would look like. The photographs presented during the EICMA 2018 show a cool design and high-end features. The price could not be so budget-friendly, because Harley Davidson knows that passionate bikers will spare no effort if it brings them an awesome new vehicle.

The idea of an all-electric motorcycle was welcomed by people who like to use this kind of transport means. From 2019, they will be able to enjoy a ride and keep the environment clean.

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